老澳门开奖网 Tech works closely with several government agencies and private organizations to help individuals obtain the training they need to qualify for employment. 聽You may wish to work with one or more of these parties directly as you arrange financing for your training program at 老澳门开奖网 Tech . 聽Contact Student Services for more information.Some of those organizations include:

How does it work?

老澳门开奖网 Tech encourages the sponsorship of students by local, state and federal government agencies as a low cost option to serve their clients’ needs for education.

Vouchers and Billing

These agencies provide the College with a voucher, which is only an authorization for the school to bill the agency for a specified item or service. This voucher does not constitute a payment. Instead, the voucher provides documentation of what the agency is willing to pay for on behalf of their client. The College prefers to have vouchers that cover three months of tuition, fees, and books. If all three items are mentioned, then the student has the ability to attend without the College asking for additional vouchers.

The Student Services department provides cost estimates to counselors for the initial voucher to be created for new students. About a month before a student鈥檚 current voucher expires, the Finance Office will send a voucher request to the student鈥檚 counselor at the sponsoring agency to inform them of the next three months expected tuition and fees for their clients.

Counselors may also issue vouchers on a month to month basis if preferred. The three month time span is only a recommendation as it reduces paperwork for the sponsor and College. The College sends invoices to be applied against those vouchers every month based on the actual charges the student incurs. Because the College has a voucher authorizing these bills, the invoices go directly to the sponsoring agencies’ accounting department and the counselor does not usually see them.


If a student completes, drops, or withdraws, the College will refund any previously collected amount unused by the student or the College will invoice the sponsoring agency for only the amount due. Refunds are sent with a copy of the student’s voucher so the agency knows to which client the refund applies.

Additional Information

Questions regarding sponsoring a new student or about student progress should be directed to the Student Services Department at 435-248-1800 or cemett@tooeletech.edu. Questions regarding existing students’ voucher status, voucher balance, or projected costs should be directed to Sarah Ussing in the Finance Office at 435-248-1812 or finance@tooeletech.edu.